Awnings Chicago

We had never really given awnings a lot of thought, but last year, my family and I got stuck in pouring rain while visiting family. They had an awning and we thought “Wow! We need that!” So when we got home to Chicago, we starting looking into places to get awnings. It turns out that Awnings Chicago is a well-loved, and well trusted place. We decided to take the leap. We loved them from the moment we started talking. We did not know much about awnings and they talked us through everything we needed to know, patiently. The entire process did not take long and we have a beautiful awning over our door that looks amazing. We were afraid that an awning would look out of place on our home, but it doesn’t! It fits perfectly. And it was completely reasonably priced as well. For awnings Chicago homeowners will love (and you will when you are fumbling for your keys in the rain), call Alex Awnings. They truly are the best.